The Empress Dammit is also known as, The Soup Queen. I can rifle through the pantry and fridge combining a little bit of this and that in a pot and soon, it’s soup. At one place I lived for a while, I tried to keep a crockpot going for everyone during the cold weather. It would start to get low and I’d use the old soup as a base. I’d add more veggies and broth, sometimes some meat and it would turn into a whole new soup.

Nourishment is important. Not only in the form of nutrient rich food for your body and your brain. But your soul needs nourishment too! Don’t forget to feed yourself what you really need. Soup needs good stock so keep good, supportive people in your life, the ones who really see you. Make sure it’s got variety to fill you up: Art, laughter, inspiration, love, acknowledgement. Add some spice: Try to do at least one thing that gives you joy every day, no matter how small. Let it simmer: Take a few minutes for calm, reflection. Just breathe.


Enter And the Empress said, “I’m the Empress Dammit! Let there be soup!” And there was. And it was hella good!

Take care of you!
Make soup! You deserve it!

The Empress Dammit

LM 2012/2017


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