Sometimes Bad Things Happen to Bad People!


Don’t be uncouth they said. Take the high road they said. You’re better than this, they said. The Empress understands. Empathy and compassion are important. Revenge is sweet only when your own hands are clean. (Thanks Karma) You don’t want to be an asshat. Still, it’s hard not to smirk when bad things happen to bad people, especially if those bad people did bad things to you!

So, just take a moment and acknowledge that. Even The Empress Dammit is human. We aren’t perfect. And we won’t always succeed at being as good as we aspire to be.

Just take a moment and acknowledge that.

There are days when the lingering marks left by people who have attempted to mangle me with churlish behavior and slanderous declarations, well, plop out of the water like little fish and thunk me on the heart a bit.

Some might judge me, a little petty at moments like these, to allow myself to smirk a little in the knowledge that these folks live every day with their self created misery while most of the time I bathe in love and laughter. Some might think it unbecoming of The Empress to indulge in the knowledge that she’s armed with the facts and could name the names. The Empress knows where you buried the bodies and which under which carpets your biggest secrets have been swept!

  • But knowing one has the power does not mean one has to use it.
  • And knowing one has the power does not mean one should wallow in it.
  • Knowing; acknowledging one’s humanness and then setting that hurtfulness aside is more than power, it is empowerment!

Other people will roil in their negativity, insecurity and hate, but if someone gets their just desserts and I find myself indulging in a moment of sweet glee. I will stop, acknowledge my imperfect perfection, my ineffable humanness, let it go and shine on!

And you can do the same! Shine on! You are so bright! 


The Empress Dammit

LM 2012/2017

Image is by, Lynette Shelley. You can buy it and more of her art HERE!


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