Baby Steps! Learning To Say, NO!


The Empress Dammit remembers how difficult it was when she first started learning to say, “No!” After all, she only started practicing in earnest about five years ago.

At this point, she says NO (pretty much) guilt free!

If people are used to having their way around you, they can really be asshats when you start to assert yourself. Start small with things that don’t matter and work your way up to the boundaries and deal breakers. Yes, you can have boundaries and deal breakers!

Take the lead from one of my favorite silly movies, What About Bob? Just start out with baby steps and soon you’ll be vetoing like a champ! (Royal) Baby steps that is,

The Empress Dammit!

If you aren’t familiar with, What About Bob, here is the scene: Baby Steps

Image is from, The Symbolist Tarot by Richard Fox

LM 2012/2017


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