Greetings! I’m The Empress Dammit!

Looking for a jolt of inspiration on how to be your own Empress or Emperor?

My ROYAL DECREES; a few things you should know about The Empress Dammit, also exist to remind you that you are no one’s doormat! These declarations are meant to reach into your heart and mind and inspire the knowledge that no one else can dictate your worth. Each of us can be an Emperor or an Empress. Look into the mirror of your heart and claim your crown. Wear it proudly. No one can take this away from you!

Need a bit of motivation or inspiration to help with the metamorphosis? The Empress Dammit does her best to dispense wisdom, humor and a bit of something; Life-coaching? Cheerleading? Future Empress Encouraging? in royal blog format.


An Open Letter To Whomever Needs To Know…….

The Empress


The Empress is NOT Invisible! The Empress is all around you. She is inside you. She is part of every cell of your being. She is the voice in your heart that tells the truth, the truth that you are valuable and brilliant and deserve love, appreciation and joy! The Empress will not be silenced.

Try as you might, you cannot make it so.  A shining star hidden behind a cloud still shines bright.

So shine!

You’ve been given a precious gift! Do you really want to waste it?

With Love,
The Empress Dammit


The Empress keeps her tools handy.

Her heart, her mind and her hands are always at the ready.

She  carries a mirror,  keys,  a book and a pen, a sharp pair of scissors and her crown. She adds to her tool kit whatever she deems appropriate.

The Empress Dammit is learning to be comfortable with making other people uncomfortable at times.

The Empress often holds up a mirror so you can see your truth.

The Empress Dammit knows, You’ve got this!

LM 2014/2017


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